What Do I Do Now, Bubba?

The sweep of the movie Forrest Gump is largely reflective of the events of my life. As with Forrest Gump’s friend Bubba, my best friend, whose name was John Roberts died in combat in Vietnam. In the fictionalized book, on Forrest Gump’s life, Bubba died in 1967. John was killed in 1970. Bubba and John both died at 25 years of age. Bubba wanted to be a shrimp boat captain. John wanted to be a U.S. Senator. The Vietnam war was a pointless and brutal exercise but friendship isn’t. I say that against the backdrop of having two friends recently

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Has anyone seen Independence Day?

Somewhere in the Sea of Faces The picture I have posted was taken around 1907. They are European Jews fleeing the oppression of the Russian Pale. One of the girls may be my grandmother who immigrated to this nation from the rather flexible border between Poland and Russia. She may have been from an area referred to as “Kolo.” She may have lived near Lodz. So little is known. What I do know for certain is that she was 14 when she landed here, and she came over with slightly younger sisters, Esther and Rifka. I know little of them.

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I Found Nothing but The Truth

The Boxwood hedge shrub in the front our house has unofficially divided our property from our neighbor’s property to the north since well before I moved into our home. As we are on good terms with our neighbors, I will identify them by name: Bob and Mary. My guess is that the shrub had been in place for at least 35 years. Our house was built in 1951. With each passing year, the shrub grew weaker and this year it was apparent the shrub was mostly dead. It had grown woody and ugly. It was also, somewhat dangerous. The few

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There are many times I miss Japan (none more than now)

How do you reset yourself? What is the device you use? I have been thinking a lot about this lately. I am not a young man and I am losing friends, my writing is in the creative doldrums, I have been taking care of far too many people as of late, and I am afraid I’ve allowed myself to get into serious sleep debt. How shall I reset myself? Care of the Soul My last corporate job ended in 2009. It was not a joyous parting of the ways. Water under the bridge and all that. Nevertheless, leaving enabled me

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Nobody said this would be easy

I have never been one for posting inspirational quotes such as this quote by Maya Angelou. She talks to defeat. I hope she actually said that stuff and not someone she hired for $50 to write a blog. Then again, I’m jaded. Part of what I do on the freelance side is to ghostwrite blogs, articles and books for motivational speakers. I suppose my second-worst nightmare is to find one of my ridiculous quotes plastered over the internet. In fact, I would argue that most of those oft-quoted motivational slogans probably emanated from a poor freelancer like me. But that’s

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Vinca as Metaphor

Over the years I have brought back my 1951, Mid-Century Modern home to a livable, well-loved structure. I must give ample credit to my wife who, unlike me, can see shades of color, repair paint and plaster and has uncluttered my tendency to clutter. Also, I am mostly a slob. Not an extreme slob, I eventually pick shit up, but slovenly enough. However, when it comes to the garden and the yard in general, I pretty much hold my own. This makes my wife happy as she breaks out in rashes from all sorts of bugs and plants. I am

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