Book Projects

In Process. The Sea of Peroxide, Paramedics in the time of AIDS, is part memoir interspersed with interviews of other paramedics who worked for the NYC Emergency Medical Service (and voluntary hospitals) from about 1980 to the mid- 1990s. As an EMT, I was first assigned to Metropolitan Hospital working Harlem and Spanish Harlem. After paramedic school, I was moved downtown to Bellevue Hospital where I worked Times Square and the surrounding area. I finished my career at the now closed Mother Cabrini Hospital, serving Chinatown, Greenwich Village, Little Italy and generally the Lower Eastside. We witnessed the onslaught of a terrifying disease with no cure that was almost always fatal, and at the same time EMS was deteriorating with the benign neglect of politicians and the media.

The “Friendly Handbook” Surgical Recovery Coping Tips and Tricks books are a NON-MEDICAL series. They fill a need that many orthopedic practices ignore, and that is coping with life in the first weeks and months after surgery. Each book is constructed to be a Forum based on the first person comments of actual patients. The patients touch on many aspects of how they personally coped with their recovery, from sleeping to dressing to personal hygiene. So far, there are three books in the series with another projected in 2021.

My writing world takes me from projects I do for myself to co-written to ghostwritten books. I write on a number of interesting topics, but they share common elements including my love of research, history, nature and the discovery of lost pieces of the “American story.”


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